Crew Bio


A multimedia developer by training, Ummi has worked on non-fictional narratives including ‘Gender & Urban Poverty’, a video series advocating for the rights of women and girls in the settlements surrounding the FCT, ‘Where Are the Women?’, a documentary on the role of women in conflict resolution, ‘Silent Tears’, a documentary on Gender Based Violence in the FCT and ‘Uprooted’, a documentary that sheds light on changing gender norms and cultural practices as a result of the Boko-Haram conflict in Borno State. She is currently the Executive Producer of ‘4th Republic’ a political thriller that addresses good governance and the importance of a strong and fair judiciary in any democracy.

As a game designer and developer, her work includes motion sensor games used for tourism and medical rehabilitation, web based games used for advocacy on the impact of healthy eating, as well as mobile educational children’s books used to improve vocabulary. She is currently working on a mobile game that’s aimed at increasing civic responsibility.